Not enough compassion?

Believe it or not, I sometimes hear that viewers don’t think I show enough compassion on the air for people like the mother who was on Friday night’s Nancy Grace with me.  This woman brought a violent, sex-offending, substance-abusing piece of human debris into her child’s life so she could have a boyfriend.  Now the child’s missing, presumed dead, along with the boyfriend, and this woman’s on television in tears begging the public to help her find her baby.  Of course we have to help find the child, but let’s get real here, because the only good to come out of these stories is often the lesson that other parents hopefully can learn:  this woman, like many other “parents,” put her own sex life ahead of her child’s wellbeing — real parents don’t do that.  So, while I feel terrible about what happened to the child, and while I hate to see any mother suffer the loss of a child, the selfishness of this woman absolutely disgusts me, and if anyone fails to see the basis for my disgust, then I really don’t know what else to tell you.  One of my colleagues recently told me about a conversation that he had with a European visitor to the U.S. who asked him whether our Bill of Rights enumerates only rights or both rights and responsibilities.  I said to tell the visitor that when I’m in charge, we’ll add the “Bill of Responsibilities” to include things like taking care of your children to the best of your ability so that your fellow Americans don’t have to step in and do it for you!

A female guard was strangled by an inmate at a Washington prison over the weekend.  Anyone else wondering, “How is that possible?”  If I were in charge, it wouldn’t be.  Why not put electronic bands on every inmate that would shock them to the ground if they came into physical contact with a guard or another inmate?  To anyone who thinks that’s inhumane, I’ll bet the deceased guard’s loved ones would beg to differ, and I’d say strangling’s pretty inhumane.  And based on what I’ve heard from prison inmates over the years, I think many of them probably would welcome the assurance that no other inmates were going to be touching them on a daily basis.

We’re hearing now that the Florida “mom” who shot and killed her two teenagers on Friday for being “mouthy” may have suffered a head injury in a car accident back in November.  Cry me a river.  Sounds to me like groundwork for an insanity defense.  (Oh, and by the way, her now-deceased daughter’s name, for those of you keeping track of these with me since my post “What’s in a Name?” dated 10/12/10…Calyx.)

But here’s some real insanity:  A new study of heart attacks occurring around Superbowl time in 1980 and 1984 warns that the stress associated with watching one’s favorite team lose this Sunday’s Superbowl could lead to increased fatalities among cardiac patients.  Now if this doesn’t prove that people put WAY too much emphasis on sports, then once again, I really don’t know what else to tell you.  My diagnosis of anyone who’d get that emotional about a football game is that the person has roughly the intelligence of an actual football.

So, not enough compassion?  Me?


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