Finally, maybe, some consequences for Charlie and Lindsay

I recently wrote that Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan news seems to break at the same time, and…here we go again, only this time, it sounds like finally, maybe, both might face some consequences for their sociopathic behavior.

Lohan has been told that she will not avoid jail by making a plea deal in her pending jewelry-theft case.  The judge presiding over the case told Lohan in no uncertain terms that, given her probationary status, she will go to jail if she’s convicted of any crime, regardless of whether the conviction results from a plea or from a jury verdict.  If we can take this judge at his word (I’m hesitant to applaud him too loudly just yet, because we all heard that Paris Hilton was going to jail, and it was a joke — different judge, but Paris was in and out in no time), the only way Lohan will sidestep the slammer this time will be if she goes to trial and is acquitted.  She’s been given until March 10 to decide whether to accept a plea deal.  As I’ve said and written time and again, a jail stay for Lohan is probably best for everyone involved — society, the victims of her sociopathic behavior (alleged to included drunk driving, battery, drugs, theft…), even for her.  Had society gotten serious with her the first time around, even the second time around, she might have turned herself around by now.  Better late than never.

Meanwhile, Sheen’s sitcom has been canceled, at least for the remainder of the season.  Despite the show’s success and the ad revenue that it generates (which, again, makes me hesitant to applaud too loudly just yet), network executives apparently, finally, had their fill of Sheen when he gave a radio interview that degenerated into a ranting, raving, anti-Semitic, threat-laden, at-times-incoherent tirade against a producer who apparently had let it be known that he’d had his fill of Sheen prior.  You can find a transcript of the tirade on the web, and if you do, it might remind you of actor Mel Gibson’s infamous anti-Semitic rant when he was stopped for drunk driving a few years back.  Allow me to remind you also of what I said about that incident because it applies again now:  People like Dr. Drew who buy into the whole “substance abuse is a disease” mantra will be all over television saying that Sheen’s obviously sick and in need of help and support.  You won’t hear me saying that.  Like Gibson, it sounds probable that Sheen was intoxicated during his rant, but intoxication generally doesn’t make a racist out of someone who wasn’t a racist before.  Intoxication generally lowers people’s inhibitions so that their sober attitudes get magnified and come spewing forth, like Gibson’s did and like Sheen’s did.  Sheen’s is not a sympathy case.  Whatever else he is or isn’t, Sheen is a jerk, and like Lohan, he, along with the women he’s endangered, the children he’s left effectively-“fatherless,” even the network and the public, probably could’ve benefited had he been hit with serious consequences (more serious than the cancellation of a show, like jail time) before now.  But once again, better these consequences than none, and better late than never.

(And before I go, speaking of consequences, remember Zahra Baker, the little North Carolina girl who went missing and was found dead last year?  I talked and wrote about this case extensively at the time.  Her stepmother has now been charged with her murder.)


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