Spring Break Redux

With all of the bad international news this month, it’d be easy to forget that it’s also…spring break month here in the U.S.A.  So, whether you’re about to go on a spring break trip or you just want a momentary break from all the bad news, here’s a re-run of my 2008 spring-break-themed piece, “Girls gone…Lesbian?”  Shortly after I wrote this, it became the topic of what remains (as far as I know) my most-linked O’Reilly Factor appearance ever (the video’s probably still somewhere out there on the web, but you can find the transcript here:  http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,340373,00.html).

“Girls Gone…Lesbian”? (originally written 3/14/08)

Spring break is upon us, and with it will come the requisite news footage of college students indulging in all manner of (what should be) embarrassing behavior on America’s beaches.  That footage is sure to include scenes of young women kissing, groping, and grinding on each other, which inevitably will prompt someone to ask me whether lesbianism is on the rise among America’s young people.

The answer:  No, exhibitionism maybe, but not lesbianism.  The vast majority of the girls who appear to have gone lesbian will be straight girls attempting to attract decidedly-male attention by appealing to a male fantasy in which two women are aroused at the same time (which doesn’t make a lot of sense by the way because two women who truly were aroused by each other probably would have no desire to involve a dude).

This time last year, I heard an “expert” say on the air that such public displays were attributable to low self-esteem.  I understand the point — that the young women don’t value themselves and their reputations highly enough to care about how their behavior is perceived — but I disagree.  As I said in my piece “Girls (and Boys) Gone Narcissistic” (3/29/07), I think the opposite — that the young ladies’ self-esteem is actually too high, so high in fact that they think everything they do is cool and cute, and they don’t even realize when they should be ashamed of themselves.

So, if you’re a college girl, or guy, headed off on spring break, have fun, but try not to go too wild, and remember what we’ve learned in recent years from celebrity after celebrity — that a picture’s not only worth 1000 words, but it also can end up on 1000 (or 1,000,000 or more) people’s computers in about one second.  Going wild when there’s a camera around, which is just about everywhere these days (see my piece “Cameras in the bedroom?” 2/27/07), makes good footage for us to discuss on television, but it’s probably not so good for you.

(And on a more serious note, if you know someone who’s headed off on a spring break trip — especially a young woman or anyone, male or female, who’s headed to Mexico — ask her/him to please go to my blog on http://www.lawpsyc.com/ and read my piece dated 12/21/08 about keeping yourself and your friends out of harm’s way.)


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