Gaddafi’s sleep

Picking up on yesterday’s post, I just want to say that Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s sleep has probably diminished after learning what happened to Usama bin Laden recently.  The prospect of commandos bursting through his bedroom door in the middle of the night, whether now or years from now, has to be weighing on Gaddafi.  Who knows, we might even see a more genuine-looking conciliatory overture from him in the coming days.  There’s precedent for that — after the U.S. toppled Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Gaddafi unilaterally dismantled chemical weapons in Libya, ostensibly to avoid a fate similar to Hussein’s.  In case you missed it, if you’re interested in more about Gaddafi’s psychology, I wrote a piece entitled “Is Gaddafi Insane?” posted here back on 2/25/11.

(And by the way, while I’m here, if I were the President, as proud as I am of the military personnel who carried out the bin Laden raid, I think I’d be having some high-level talks at the White House this week with the CEOs of companies that supply our military.  Our politicians pay a lot of lip service to outfitting our military men and women with the very best equipment, but in recent weeks, we’ve witnessed two near-deadly incidents in which some very expensive equipment has failed them — the fighter jet that crashed in Libya in the early days of the no-fly zone there and the helicopter that crashed during the bin Laden raid — when it was needed most, in combat situations.  I suspect that those incidents are less isolated than they should be, i.e. that the incidents we see are just a fraction of the incidents that happen, kind of like the times drunk drivers get pulled over are usually just a fraction of the times they actually drive drunk.  I hope I’m wrong, because I’d like to believe that our military men and women really do have the very best we can give them.  Maybe current and former military readers will educate me one way or the other.)


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