New WorldNetDaily column and some updates

If you’re interested, you can check out my new WorldNetDaily column entitled “Christian in Chief?” here:

Now, here are a few updates on stories that I’ve covered recently:

1)  Josh Powell, the guy who killed himself and murdered his two young sons over the weekend, apparently actually intended to die in the midst of a terrible conflagration (rather than by passively inhaling poisonous gas in the air).  A social worker on the scene apparently observed Powell pouring liquid gas around the inside of the home in which he had barricaded himself and the children before he sent it up in flames.  That’s a very unusual way to commit suicide, so, given his apparent expectation that he was about to be arrested in connection with his wife’s disappearance, coupled with a family court judge’s recent ruling that the children’s maternal grandparents should have custody of them, I still conclude that Powell was likely a spiteful psychopath.  I suspect that he wanted it to appear that the children suffered such a horrible death in order to inflict maximum trauma on the grandparents — as if to say that they (the grandparents) had put their grandchildren to that horrific death by trying to separate them from him.  It’s awful to have to be glad that autopsies suggest the children actually died of smoke inhalation before the fire consumed them.  (Apparently, there are are also lacerations on both children’s bodies which suggest that Powell may have tried to make sure they were dead by slitting their throats before the fire consumed them — as if that’d really make him any less of a monster).  Oh, and we’re also hearing that one of the children had recently drawn a picture of their family car with their mother in the trunk, so there really should be no question now (if there ever was) that this past weekend’s murders weren’t Powell’s first.

2)  Speaking of psychopaths, remember the guy who set off explosives and shot up a youth camp in Norway several months ago, killing 77 people?  In a court appearance on Monday, he said he deserves a medal, not imprisonment, for what he did.  Unbelievable.  Meanwhile, here in the U.S.A., as I predicted, a federal judge has ordered Jared Loughner, the mass murderer who shot former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona last year, to continue to be held in a prison mental health unit in Missouri while the staff there attempts to restore his competency to stand trial.

3)  If you watched Sunday’s Superbowl, you may have missed this during the halftime show, but someone who calls herself “M.I.A.” extended her middle finger on national television, the latest in a series of Superbowl halftime embarrassments.  What kind of a disgusting person must this woman be to trash up television screens all over the world with tens (maybe hundreds) of millions of kids watching?

4)  And after the Superbowl, a bunch of students at the University of Massachusetts rioted in apparent frustration with the New England Patriots’ loss.  So first, when we have college-educated adults destroying property over the outcome of a game, can we not all agree that we’ve ridiculously over-emphasized the importance of sports in our culture?  And second, none of the students involved in that riot deserves to continue in college at Amherst — in a nation of 300,000,000 people, we can fill our elite universities with smart people who aren’t violent criminals.

5)  Finally, remember last spring when I said, amid heaps of media praise being piled upon Egypt’s revolutionaries, that the new regime there may be no better, even worse in fact, than the outgoing regime?  Well, when you hear reports about Americans not being allowed to leave Egypt in the days ahead, make no mistake, it’s not just some petty diplomatic assertion of sovereignty by the new regime — it’s a hostage situation, simple and sobering as that, and we need to treat it as such.


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