Where are they now?

This week has been full of major lawpsyc developments!  Here’s a quick rundown of the key participants and where they are now:

Whitney Houston — I told you that toxicology wouldn’t really take 6-8 weeks to complete, and now, just 10 days later, we’re getting word, albeit officially unconfirmed, that Valium, Xanax, and alcohol (no surprise, three CNS depressants — see my recent piece entitled “A Couple of Quick Answers to Whitney Houston Questions”) were in her system at the time of her death.  Where is Houston now?  Laid to rest last weekend with a private service attended by family and close friends.  Just hope kids will learn the lesson in this sad story — we’ve got to be emphasizing the personal responsibility to stay sober, as a minor and throughout life.  (And speaking of kids’ personal responsibility, did you hear about the new program, funded by your federal tax dollars, in which condoms are being mailed to kids in California for free upon request?  If you’re not mature enough to walk into a drugstore and buy your own condoms, then you’re not mature enough to be having sex!)

George Huguely — On the very first day of jury deliberations, the former University of Virginia lacrosse player was convicted of the second-degree murder of his ex-girlfriend (he went to her dorm room in a drunken rage, broke in, bashed her head against the wall repeatedly, and left her to die, face-down on her bed in a pool of her own blood — oh, and he stole her laptop on the way out in an apparent attempt to keep police from finding an email in which he had told her two weeks prior, “I should’ve killed you”).  Jurors recommended 26 years in prison (25 for the murder plus 1 for the theft).  Let’s hope that the judge either follows or exceeds their recommendation at the formal sentencing in April.  Where is Huguely now?  In a cage, for a long time, right where a dangerous animal like him belongs!

George Watson — The Alabama man accused of murdering his wife on their scuba-diving honeymoon in Australia has been acquitted without even presenting a defense.  After the prosecution rested its case, the judge ruled that there simply wasn’t enough evidence for a reasonable juror to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that Watson was guilty.  Where is Watson now?  At home…with his new wife (if he suggests a scuba-diving honeymoon, she may want to stay on dry land).

John Edwards — Assuming that a North Carolina judge’s order is executed without any shenanigans, home video footage of former senator and current criminal defendant John Edwards having sex with his then-mistress Rielle Hunter will never see the light of day (not that anyone should ever have wanted to see it anyway).  In a lawsuit against a former Edwards staff member, Ms. Hunter was awarded custody of the videotape under the condition that it be destroyed within 30 days.  What a sleazy trio of people — Edwards, the mistress, and the staff member!  Where is Edwards now?  Awaiting trial for allegedly diverting campaign donations to support Hunter back when he was campaigning for the presidency.  (And have we learned anything?  Apparently not — we’re currently allowing another admitted, serial philanderer to be a serious contender for President of our country.)

Chris Brown — Where is he now?  Back in trouble apparently, just as I predicted.  Brown is accused of taking a young woman’s cell phone and throwing it to the ground as she attempted to take his picture outside of a Miami Beach nightclub.  Does everyone, especially you judges, now see what a joke “anger-management counseling” is?  If this new allegation is true, then it’s both a probation violation and a crime, and where Brown should be shortly is in prison.  (And by the way — what’s wrong with the people who produce the Grammy Awards show?  It was en route to the Grammy Awards show that he beat up his then-girlfriend Rhianna three years ago, and yet the producers gave the creep a featured performance on this year’s show.  He should never have been allowed to return to that stage, and no one should be featuring — or buying — his music!)

Ann Kristen Neuhaus — An order has finally been issued here in Kansas revoking the medical license of deceased abortion doctor George Tiller’s accomplice in a series of late-term abortions performed on girls as young as 10 for sham “mental health” reasons.  If you’re a Rachel Maddow viewer who bought into her portrayal of Neuhaus as an innocent “witch-hunt” victim last year (and if you’re an adult with a strong stomach), just read the chilling findings of fact detailed in the revocation order (http://operationrescue.org/pdfs/r_Neuhaus%20INITIAL%20ORDER%2002-20-12.pdf), and you’ll see that Bill O’Reilly and I have actually been the ones telling you the truth about Tiller and Neuhaus for years now.  Whether you consider yourself pro-life or pro-choice, we should all be pro-law, and this woman’s blatant disregard for the regulations governing the practice of medicine makes her unfit to practice.  Where is Neuhaus now?  The important thing is where she’s not — in a medical office practicing medicine!

“Religious” Rioters in Afghanistan — People in Afghanistan are staging deadly riots after some copies of the Koran were mistakenly burned at a U.S. base in that country.  Can you imagine American Christians staging deadly riots if someone here burned a Bible?  It’s possible, but they’d have to be fringe fanatical extremists, kind of like the Westboro people from here in Kansas who picket soldiers’ funerals, and those number very, very few within the U.S. population.  So, Hypothesis #1 is that Afghans are just generally a lot more religiously motivated than most Americans.  Hypothesis #2 is that these rioting Afghans are mostly just using disingenuous religious indignation as a pretext to do what they’ve wanted to do all along — engage in violence against Americans.  If you’re a regular reader, you know that I personally subscribe to Hypothesis #2.  Where are the rioters now?  Hopefully not within striking distance of any of our brave men and women, who I hope all stay safe this weekend.

You stay safe, too, and have a good weekend!


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