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Just back from Canada after filming some more episodes of the new show, set to air this fall on the Investigation Discovery network under the new title Fatal Vows (apparently another network has a show premiering this fall called ‘Til Death Do Us Part).  While I was there, here’s a quick recap of lawpsyc news that was reported here:

Roger Clemens was acquitted of lying to Congress about steroid use in Major League Baseball.  That’s two for two — first Edwards and now Clemens — guys whom I think are dirtbags who’ve nevertheless convinced juries otherwise in the past month.  (By the way, federal prosecutors have announced, as I predicted, that they won’t re-try Edwards on the five charges that resulted in a hung jury.)  And as the child molestation trial of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky continues, a Texas father walked in on a man molesting his daughter and beat the molester to death (just as I’ve theorized happened in the JonBenet Ramsey case!).  In my opinion, the father’s reaction was reasonable under the circumstances, and he should face no charges, but if he does, here’s a guy who actually deserves a jury like the ones Edwards and Clemens got.

Meanwhile, a New York surgeon went on the run after allegedly murdering his girlfriend, who apparently had recently broken off their relationship.  People who know the guy are now saying that his behavior became oddly haphazard in the days and weeks leading up to the murder, suggesting that he was deteriorating mentally.  Maybe, but as someone who has a lot of experience evaluating the mental status of physicians, I’m seeing a motive (the breakup), the means (he’s apparently a former soldier who’s well-acquainted with both firearms and survival techniques), and consciousness of guilt (fleeing after the fact), so while I’m not doubting that he’s mentally unhealthy, I’m doubting that he’s criminally insane.  If he’s able to somehow flee the country, hope he tries to travel through Germany — that seems to be a great way for international fugitives to get caught these days.  The Canadian “cannibal” killer was recently caught after fleeing to Germany, the second of two major international fugitives caught there in the past month (first Paul Watson and now this guy).

Speaking of people facing murder charges in arguable self-defense situations, George Zimmerman remains behind bars after being re-arrested, not for anything substantively related to the facts of his case but for allegedly having lied about his finances at his original bail hearing.  Essentially, the allegation is that Zimmerman and his wife didn’t disclose access to money raised online for Zimmerman’s legal defense, which could have justified a larger bail requirement.  He’ll now have to sit in jail for another few weeks before his bail will be reconsidered by the judge.

Sadly, the deceased body of the young woman who went missing from a Metallica concert in Virginia in 2009 (I covered this case on HLN) has been found, but DNA has linked her death to a sexual assault committed by the same perpetrator in 2005, so at least cops are on the trail of the killer.  In another blast from my HLN past, Casey Anthony broke her public silence long enough to tell CNN’s Piers Morgan in a brief telephone call that she didn’t kill her daughter and that she’s ashamed of the irresponsible way in which she was living her life at the time of her daughter’s death.  Hmmm, sound like someone’s testing the waters to see if the public is softening toward her?  Hope not.

And speaking of people accused of killing their daughters, a California woman allegedly killed her husband and teenage daughter and lived with the bodies for three days before they were found.  She now claims that the husband shot the daughter, and then she (the mother) shot the husband (for shooting the daughter apparently).  The mother’s charged with two counts of murder, however, and the DA’s office says it’s confident that it can prove she was the only shooter.  Sounds like a potential Fatal Vows story, so stay tuned!  (Episodes are tentatively scheduled to start airing on Investigation Discovery in October — more details here as it gets closer!)


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