Study this!

I haven’t done a “Study this!” post in a while, wherein I summarize some of the latest law/psychology-related studies that are being publicized, so here goes:

Study #1 found that — gasp! — violent male street-gang members think angry thoughts!  Wow, how shocking!  And who cares?  We all have angry thoughts sometimes, and we get over them, or live with them, or deal with them in some socially-appropriate way; i.e. we don’t go out and perpetrate violence upon others.

Study #2 found that — gasp again! — marijuana is a bad “medicine”!  I’ve been saying this for years, and this new meta-analysis (an aggregation of numerous studies) backs me up, documenting marijuana’s relatively poor effectiveness at reducing symptoms of many conditions, including migraine headaches and PTSD, for which it’s being liberally prescribed in some states.

And last but not least,

Study #3 found that kids with tooth-colored dental fillings thought to contain the chemical BPA (Bisphenol-A) appear to have a slightly higher frequency of behavioral problems, but, there doesn’t seem to be a direct correlation between the amount of BPA in the fillings and the frequency of behavioral problems (i.e. the only solid finding appears to be that kids with fillings in general have more behavioral problems).  Hmmmmm, so apparently the hypothesis is that somehow even trace amounts of this organic compound, BPA, which has been used for decades, triggers behavioral problems.  Okay, now here’s my alternative hypothesis:  Kids with bad teeth (i.e. tooth decay) are getting bad parenting, and it’s the BP (bad parenting), not the BPA, that’s causing both the bad teeth (i.e. the presence of fillings in the kids’ mouths in the first place) and the bad behavior!  Just wait, though — some parents will now start suing dentists and dental-filling manufacturers alleging that fillings caused their kids to be brats and demanding payment for the kids’ Ritalin and/or psychotherapy, and when that happens, I’ll be happy to testify for the defense!


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