Taxpayer-funded sex change?

A federal judge in Massachusetts has ordered that state to pay for a sex-change operation for a male inmate in prison for murdering his wife.  Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, we’ve apparently fallen completely “through the looking glass” (i.e. into “Wonderland”) here in America.  The inmate’s lawyer argued that he has Gender Identity Disorder, that the necessary treatment for it is the sex-change operation, and that it’s cruel and unusual punishment to force him to remain a male inmate in a male prison.

Hmmmm, wonder what this guy would’ve done if he weren’t incarcerated and just couldn’t afford this operation?  Even Obamacare doesn’t mandate coverage of sex-change operations (at least not yet).  And am I the only one wondering whether this guy just might have the ulterior motive of being transferred to a women’s prison to live out his days there (he’s serving life without parole)?

Now, it’s true that Gender Identity Disorder is a recognized mental disorder characterized by debilitating feelings of dissonance and dysphoria about one’s biological gender.  What’s not true in my opinion is that a sex-change operation is ever “necessary” to relieve those feelings (again, even Obamacare doesn’t go that far).

I think this judge has taken the “cruel and unusual punishment” concept way too far here, and I hope that an appeals court reverses the judge’s ruling (if the case is remanded for further consideration, I’ll be happy to travel to Massachusetts and assess how “necessary” the surgery is for this guy).  Basic health-maintenance (including palliative) care is one thing, but elective care (like plastic surgery) is another.  How about we try to avoid rewarding crime by giving people better care in prison than they’d get out of prison?

Just wait for male prisoners with supposed “sex addiction” to now demand conjugal visits from taxpayer-funded prostitutes as “treatment.”  Think that could never happen?  Well, what would you have thought if I had told you, even five years ago, that this taxpayer-funded sex change would happen?

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