More Lessons from Fatal Vows, Season 3!

As we gear up for Season 4 of Fatal Vows on Investigation Discovery (season premiere announcement coming soon!) it’s a good time to take a look back at some lessons learned in past seasons of Fatal Vows!

In my previous post, I took readers through “Fatal Vows 101”–an ongoing crash course in how NOT to get murdered by your spouse! If you haven’t read that post, or even if you have (it never hurts to review), or if you know someone who hasn’t, here’s a direct link to it: Fatal Vows 101.

Once you’ve enrolled in Fatal Vows 101 and mastered lessons 1-15, drawn from Seasons 1 and 2 of Fatal Vows, you’re ready for lessons 16-17, drawn from Season 3. And…here they are:

16. BEWARE THE DATING PARTNER WHOSE PREVIOUS SPOUSE DIED MYSTERIOUSLY – If you’re thinking of dating a widow or widower whose previous spouse died under mysterious circumstances, think VERY carefully. Can you be CERTAIN that the person whom you’re thinking of dating had NOTHING to do with the prior spouse’s departure from the planet? If not, I wouldn’t risk being next!

17. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT – If you EVER have even an INKLING that your spouse might seriously want you dead, don’t just tell a friend or family member to suspect your spouse if you die and then wait to see what happens. GET OUT, get yourself (and any minor children of yours) to a safe place, and give some serious thought to whether you can and should stay in the marriage. Getting angry with one another from time to time is normal, but you should never feel physically unsafe in a normal marriage, so if you ever do (feel unsafe), that feeling’s highly abnormal and not to be ignored. It’s possible that you’re having paranoid delusions, in which case your spouse may be normal and YOU may need some clinical attention, but if I were you, I’d be CERTAIN of that before I went back and ate, slept, etc. in the presence of someone who I thought might want to murder me!

Okay, now you’re prepared for further study in Season 4! Will you spot people who’d be alive today had they learned these lessons? (Definitely!) And can you spot a new lesson for me to include in a post like this next year? If so, suggest it, either in a comment here or via Facebook or Twitter!

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