I’m a licensed psychologist, licensed attorney, lecturer, writer, and radio/TV pundit on psychological, legal, and cultural issues. I’ve practiced both forensic and clinical psychology, serving as an expert witness in both criminal and civil cases and treating both adults and children with psychological and relationship problems. As a lawyer, I’ve represented clients in both criminal and civil, low- and high-profile, matters. I’ve also served as a mediator and litigation consultant in civil cases and advised legislators on how best to draft health care laws. In addition to a Ph.D. and J.D., I have an M.B.A., and I teach a course at Kansas University that addresses psychological and legal issues in the American workplace. My blog offers insights into major crime stories, court cases, controversies, cultural chaos, and outrageous celebrity behavior in the news. I’ve also written numerous columns in various online and print publications as well as my book, Stop Moaning, Start Owning: How Entitlement Is Ruining America and How Personal Responsibility Can Fix It (HCI Books, 2015). I’m probably best known, though, for offering psychobabble-free, no-holds-barred analysis, advice, and commentary on television networks including Investigation Discovery (where I co-host the Fatal Vows series), Court TV (now truTV), HLN (formerly CNN Headline News), the Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNN, and CBS on programs including The O’Reilly Factor, Nancy Grace, Anderson Cooper 360, Hannity, The Early Show, and others. I speak to professional and citizens’ groups on a wide range of psychological, legal, and cultural topics, and I remain committed to protecting the public from dangerous psychiatric drugs, so I’ll still represent individuals who’ve been harmed by such medications. To learn more about my credentials, expertise, and experience, view clips from my TV appearances, or contact me regarding expert witness work, legal representation, or speaking to your group, visit my website, http://www.drbrianrussell.com and/or my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/DrBrianRussell and/or follow me on Twitter, twitter.com/drbrianrussell.

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